Our Team

Mr Brian Egan

Chief Executive Officer

Swapkit Corporate Limited

Surpany Limited (T/A Swapkit)

With 14 years experience in telecom's distribution, Brian's previous position was that of Sales Director with mobile handsets distributor, Bpi Telecom. Its down to Brian's drive, energy and enthusiasm that he worked his way from Sales manager to the position of Sales Director, and in turn with his direction his sales team drove sales revenues over €110 million that positioned the company into the top 400 Irish Companies in 2008.

Through the design and implementation of Buy-Back solutions and thinking ahead of the re-sale channels of used devices. Brian went about setting up a live auction in Asia to supply the growing demand for used phones. With its largest sales year of just under 1.2million devices resold or recycled. Been Ireland's largest distributor at the time it was this position that Brian identified the ever increasing key role, of both Trade in solutions, and waste management, in the consumer electronics industry.

The development of this business led Brian to incorporate Surpany Limited in 2011/Trading as Swapkit, the company specialises in the wholesale of used devices and building bespoke Buy-Back and Recycle solutions.
Brian is both Chief Executive Officer and shareholder of Surpany Limited ( T/A Swapkit), and Swapkit Corporate Limited.

 Mr Barry Higginbotham

Chief Financial Officer

Swapkit Corporate Limited

Surpany Limited (T/A Swapkit)

As a business studies graduate, Barry spent six years with a Dublin based firm of Auditors studying Chartered Accountancy. An offer from a s client shipping company led Barry from practice to industry. In 2000 Barry began his joutney in the mobile Industry with the role of Financial Controller in mobile handset distribution. Barry played an integral role in the purchase of Brightpoint (Irl.) from NASDAQ quoted parent company and assumed the role of Fiance Director and shoreholder of the renamed entity, BPI Telecom Ltd.
As head of fianance Barry was responsible for managing revenues in excess of €100 million per annum. Being in agreement with the potential of this Trade In, Re use Recycle market, Barry joined Brian as CFO and co shareholder in both Surpany Limited(T/A Swapkit.) and Swapkit Corprate Limited.

The Team
Swapkit's group of professionals come from many cultures and back grounds. We pride ourselves on been inovative and diverse and having a team from around the global brings a great working atmosphere along with much local experience into some of the markets we work in. Our team is made up from nationalities from Ireland, New Zealand, England, Thailand, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, China and India.


Supply Agreement with GGT Asia

Some of the Swapkit Team in 2015